A Classroom that Helps


023It has taken 8 years and a lot of planning to get my classroom to work for me and my students.  There are certain things that have helped me manage behavior, manage organization, and set goals for my students.  Below are pictures of my current classroom and a brief description of its function and helpfulness.

PDSA Board

Our PDSA board is by far one of the most prominent areas in the classroom.  This area keeps everyone focused with the end in mind.  We start with the Plan or goal at the beginning of a unit, describe the activities or strategies we will Do throughout the week to help them succeed at our goal.  The Study shows how well the students did on the Plan and Most importantly the Act lets me know how well I did as a teacher with the strategies, teaching them and how the students use them.


  • This board helps us set goals, drives instruction and helps us reflect over our learning.
TEST stems chart

This chart is something that I just started doing this year, but I wish I would have done it years ago. These stems are on the PDSA board so the students can see exactly what questions will be on the short cycle assessment at the end of the unit.  This helps me because I see the questions while teaching, so I actually can phrase questions to the class exactly the way they will see it on the test.

This area is focused on our Writing Center folders and our weekly homework.  I never had a system to tally who had homework and who didn’t.  It is a visual for the students and for myself.  I simply took a chart from a teachers’ supply store and flipped it to fit my needs. The pocket chart keeps all of the writing centers at arms reach for all students.

021These two areas are my students’ favorite!  The love the vocabulary wall because of the easy access and rings that flip the words.  I have students come and simply grab the ring, take it to their desk to help them spell and use stronger words.


The classroom library. This is probably the focus of the classroom.We use, check out and borrow books from this library daily. Thank you to Half Price Books for helping me stay updated with some of my students’ favorites.

Absent area

I wish I could take credit for this genius, but, unfortunately, this was a Pinterest steal.  The calendar helps me keep track of who is absent and tardy throughout the year.  This also helps the students keep track of their absent work.

When a student is absent, they simply check the calendar for their name, find the day of the month they missed and check the crate below for the absent work. The crate files are numbered to coincide with the days of the month.  As I am passing out work to the students who are present, I simply add an extra sheet or two in the crate files for my absent students.  THIS IS A LIFE SAVER!!!

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