3 Must Haves to a Perfect Class Closure

I was honored to observe a new teacher at our school and our district today.  Her closure was a Process of Beauty.  I had to share.  In this closure she included three  essential parts that make a Closure reflective and comprehensible.  Walking out of her class today, made me feel a sense of pride for her and for her students. They are very lucky to have such a new teacher truly understand what the Learning Cycle is all about.

Before the video, this is the conversation that led to the step I was able to capture on video.

*Names were changed

Mrs. N – “Who wants to share what strategy they used today to help solve their independent work?”
Bobby- ” I used CRAZY HEAD MATH!” (I am assuming this is math done in your head).
Mrs. N- ” Okay, great! Raise your hand if you also used Bobby’s strategy today during independent time?”
(most of the hands go up)
Mrs. N- ” Who used a different strategy?”
Michelle- “I multiplied the tens by the decimal, the ones by the decimal, added them and then moved the decimal.”
Mrs. N- “Wow! Raise your hand if this was your strategy.”
(the rest of the hands go up)
Mrs. N- “Okay, let’s get our Plickers cards out and see who took away the learning objective today.”

This simple but affective check in with the students allowed Mrs. N to see what strategy students used today. This adds to their toolkit, gives the students choice, and allows them to experience a little control in their learning.

Please observe the following video.

As you observe, simply notice the three steps she takes to help her students grow and have a growth mindset.

In the video, Mrs. N uses a technology tool to assess her students in her learning. This tool is Plickers.  As a classroom teacher, this was one of my favorite formative assessment tools.  It did not require a lot of time to set up, not any other device than your phone or Ipad, and it gives automatic feedback.  Plus- if you heard the cheering- it is a lot of fun for the students.

Her final step was to ask a student to explain how she got the answer.  This is a Number Talk.  If a student can explain how she/he got the answer, then they will most likely learn in faster, help another student understand the process, and by talking it out- the teacher gets to clarify misunderstandings and vocabulary.

To sum up…

A Must have Closure  must include…

  1. reflective check in with the students.
    1. strategies that they used during the independent practice, How do you feel about the learning today? or What was your take away?
  2. Formative Assessment of some kind
    1. Exit ticket, Plickers question, assignment question reviewed from independent work
  3. A chance for students to  Explain their thought process.
    1. Number Talk, Turn and Talk, share out, written response, journal writing



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